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I’m a watercolor artist and my inspirations are the birds and plants of Florida. I never tire of watching the water birds; fishing, flying, or just standing by a pond or riverbank. The colors of Florida foliage are so spectacular, from the simple palmettos to the more flamboyant flowers and leaves. So much to paint!


I started painting in Miami at the age of 9, but found that at that time other things were more important. I left Miami in 1975 and went to San Diego, CA, where I worked in retail management. I remained there until February of 1991, when I took a leave of absence for

8 months, traveling to the beautiful Yucatan Peninsula of Mexico. There I began painting again, and that was where, at age 40, my new life began. I returned to work in San Diego for one year, and in that time sold my house, car, furniture, everything, and returned to Mexico.


I spent 8 years in San Miguel de Allende, Mexico, refining my style of watercolor painting. There I painted and sold hundreds of paintings, mostly of people and scenes of Mexico and Latin America. I worked in a small studio gallery located in a downtown hotel that was frequented by tourists and the local residents.


As of July of 2018, I'm retired from the Cottage Studio in Jensen Beach. Prints will still be available for a limited time, and you can reach me by email, text or phone. Thank you to all my customers who have supported me through the years!

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